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Smart A/V System

尺寸:直径/高度:110mm×41mm  打造专业影院级氛围启动观影模式,灯光自动熄灭,窗帘自动合闭,投影幕布缓缓降下,随着投影机、音响等系统设备开启,坐在沙发上即可享受一场视听盛宴。影音灯光场景控制,一键打造专业影院级家庭影音氛围。智能影音系统规格参数产品名称:红外控制器  产品型号:YO-C01-R01      输入电压:5VDC  扩展功能:支持红外学习  工作电流:500mA   影音灯
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Center-mounted speaker: 5.52/6-inch Kevlar cone woofer x 2, 100-180watts power, Impedance: 4Ω, Aluminum coated mesh cover with dust cloth

External Woofer: power reaches 500W, rock sound, with power switch, voltage switch, autorecognition switch and phase switch, frequency 40Hz to 200Hz adjustable, Impedance: 4Ω, Frequency response: 40-200HZ, Sensitivity:85dB

to create a professional cinema-level atmosphere

By starting the viewing mode, the lights automatically turned off, the curtains automatically closed, the projection screen slowly lowered, and the projector and audio and other system equipment are turned on, and you can enjoy an audio-visual feast while sitting on the sofa. Simple video and sound scene control, one-click to create a professional cinema-level home audio and video atmosphere.

Smart A/V System


Smart A/V System 

Front embedded speaker: 2.5cm silk dome tweeter, 16/18cm Kevlar cone woofer, 100-200 watts power, Impedance: 4Ω


Video and sound scene control 

Embedded Home Theater

Acoustics Joining Aesthetics

The new concept embedded home theater, with embedded installation design, can make the home theater system and the walls exquisitely blended—the speakers integrated into the space, saving more space compared to the traditional home theater. Master-level acoustic processing, clear left and right positioning, rich front and rear layers, with IMAX theater effects, create a surround sound field throughout the world. There are a variety of options for you to choose.

Background music system

stereo cinema sound

Good sound quality, stable Yodaar background music system play best stereo sound for you, providing an audiovisual experience you never had.

Cellphone control gives you smart audiovisual life

Yodaar app controlling everything from the sofa, you can enjoy the home smart audiovisual life with ease. 

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