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Statement on Internet Platform Sales of YODA Products


Statement on Internet Platform Sales of YODA Products

2018/11/02 11:27
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Distinguished  Customers: 
Thank you for your trust and support in Yodaar Yoda brand. 
With the increasing influence of Yodaar Youda brand, the sale of so-called Youda products without our company's brand authorization on an e-commerce platform has seriously disrupted our company's marketing order. In response to this action, our company makes the following solemn statement:  
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1. Except for our company's flagship store, our company has never authorized any company or individual to sell Yodaar Yoda brand products on the network platform. For example, we will not be able to provide quality assurance for Yodaar products purchased by online unauthorized stores. We will not assume any economic and legal responsibilities arising from the use of such products, nor provide any after-sales service.
2. In order to ensure your interests, it is recommended that you purchase products through offline distributors or Tianmao Youda Flagship Store, and through online authorization channels, end-users of Youda products need to provide the order number of Tianmao Youda Flagship Store before they can provide after-sales service.
3. Strictly crack down on the companies and individuals who sell our products on the Internet e-commerce platform without authorization. Once found, strictly deal with them!
Changsha Yidai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
September 21, 2018