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Yodaar, a leading brand in smart home industry, is one of the earliest companies who devoted 15 years’ hard work of research, production, and sale to home background music system. Now it is gradually covering the wh-ole field of smart home industry.
With the advantages of complete category and leading functionalities, the sales network of Yodaar backgroun-d music system has spread all over China and some styles have been launched in USA, Singapore, New Zealan-d, India and Germany, etc. Best sales plus its humanized and intelligent technology have made Yodaar the lead-er in the high-endmarket and development of the industry.
In order to meet the increasing market demand, Yodaar has been innovating. It has launched wireless smart ho-me system, which covers smart lighting, dimming, curtain, visual doorbell, security monitoring, background m-usic and infrared learning and control, thus providing the users with a smarter life experience.
With leading technological innovation, China-covering sales network, and global reach, Yodaaris now enjoying an increasing brand popularity and improving brand reputation. Yodaar will be focusing on the homebackgrou-nd music system, home smart control and the construction of the whole ecosystem. By constant innovation, Y-odaar dedicates itself to integrating hi-tech with life, providing every user with natural and professional listeni-ng enjoyment and a safer and smarter life.

Yodaar, a leading brand in smart home industry

Brand Advantages

Devoted to the development of audio system for 15 years; the dark horse in smart home industry;a well-known brand in the industry

The first choice of smart home solution of villa, house, five-star hotel, luxury club etc.;

The preferred brand for business cooperation

Brand, with advantages

The pioneer in the industry of home background music system

Distributors across China, with more than 200 exclusive stores and 1000 quality distributors

Several models have been exported overseas, earning a good reputation in the high-end market.

Throne fighter in the market of home background music system

Market, with internationalization

Strength, building up professionalism

The researcher of smart technology and applications

More than 30 patents, leading the industry with fruitful innovation; strong technology in background music control applications; the indicator of the industry development on intellectual technology

Exquisite technology guarantees outstanding quality; five-year guarantee, outclassing competitors

System, overall intelligence

Strong brand of the smart home system

The smart home solutions, consisting of AI, smart lighting, smart scene, smart curtain, visual cloud doorbell, background music, smart cinema, security and protection system, smart infra-red learning, remote control, smart underfloor heating, smart pet feeding, smart nursing, is entering more and more homes.

Development History


Cloud music doorbell launched; smart underfloor heating system launched

AI voice control launched


I7, background music system featured wonderful body sense control launched

Yodaar smart home control system launched


T3, smart background music system for kitchen and bathroom launched

Y4, central background music system featured independent zone push launched


W5, wireless background music system launched

ZigBee smart home control module launched


Several national patents obtained


Split single-point home background music system launched


Central home background music system launched


B5 cloud music system launched

Cloud music service platform launched

Patents and Honors

Patent certificate




Certificate of merit




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ISH China & CIHE 2018

Shanghai Exhibition 2017

Guangzhou Exhibition 2018



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