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Idyllic with Yodaar

Music, with every touching moment 

Life could be more romantic

Background music is a special seasoning to your meal.

Reading with your loved one in the cozy house 


Pregnancy music can help

the brain development of unborn baby.

Children’s songs, English stories in the background improve the infants the English listening without noticing

Growth could be more brilliant

Aging could be more unhurried

Golden oldies, operas are the memories of the elders.

Recalling the youth, better moods with better body, prolongs life.

Music Bedroom

Great tenderness

Spark passion, release emotions

Sleep soundly all night with the music

Music kitchen

Happy Cooking

Subversively change traditional kitchen decoration, bring about brand-new cooking experience

2-hour cooking is no longer tediousness

Surrounded with joy and music

Wake the kids up with music easily

Music kids’ room

Happy growth

Life with music

Idyllic with Yodaar