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Background Music

Central Series

One central system, used by multiple rooms independently, satisfies different requirements from different rooms, which is very suitable for the business locations, such as clubs, café, and residential customers like villas, penthouses. In addition, Y series has built-in cloud music library and supports Wi-Fi streaming.

Integrated System

Integrated background music system, which integrates the panel and amplifier, features easy cabling and engineering and adopts the split audio technology, which can be customized based on the requirement of different users, especially suitable for hotels, clubs, apartments etc. 

Split System

Split background music system is a classical product of Yodaar background music series, which features independent design of panel and amplifier, better heat dissipation, higher power, outstanding sonic performance and 360° surround sound.

Music Ceiling

Music ceiling features the wireless design, which doesn’t require the wire duct. No matter before decoration or after decoration, the patented press and buckle installation method makes the installation super easy on the integrated ceiling of kitchen and bathroom, which is stable and fashionable. The build-in Yodaar cloud music and Wi-Fi streaming makes kitchen and bedroom more relaxed.

Wireless Background Music Series

Wireless Series of Yodaar Background Music system are non-engineering products, which are designed for decorated and post-decoration market. There is no need of wire duct, very suitable for decorated rooms.

Speakers Series

Yodaar Speakers series, customized for Yodaar background music system, follow the tradition of pursuing superb sound quality, offer class-leading sound pressure level and outstanding sonic performance.