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Voice control via Yodaar background music system

Free your hands, You say it, and you get it

Yodaar     X     AI Voice Control

“Xiaoyo, Xiaoyo”  Era of AI voice control  It understands what you say

When you send the specific voice commands, Xiaoyo will be awaken from the hibernation and respond to the commands. 

Voice wake-up

“Xiaoyo, Xiaoyo”

Xiaoyo, play “Hello” of Adele.

Xiaoyo, tune up a little.

Xiaoyo, switch a song

Xiaoyo, tune down a little

Xiaoyo, switch a song

Not only can Xiaoyo play the specific music, but also adjust the volume, switch the music. You just enjoy the music; let Xiaoyo operate for you. 

Music Butler

Kid’s companion

If you’re too busy to accompany your kids, Xiaoyo will be your kid’s best friend, telling stories, playing nursery songs. It cares as you do. 

Xiaoyo, tell me a story.

Xiaoyo, I wanna listen to a nursery song

Xiaoyo, play “Niwawa”

Xiaoyo, today’s weather. 

Xiaoyo, morning news.

Life assistant

Simple command after getting up, Xiaoyo will broadcast the morning news. Before leaving for work, Xiaoyo can tell you the weather. Xiaoyo’s your perfect life assistant.


Xiaoyo, today’s weather. 

Voice control smart home

Voice control the smart home, which includes smart lighting, smart curtain, smart background music, smart security monitoring etc. Xiaoyo gives you a smarter, more efficient, more convenient, and easier life. 

Xiaoyo, turn on the lights.

Xiaoyo, close the curtain.

Xiaoyo, close the curtain.

Xiaoyo, close the curtain.

Xiaoyo, please turn on the Sleep mode.

Okay, the sleep mode is on.

Xiaoyo, please turn on the Home mode.

okay, the Home mode is on.

Xiaoyo, please turn on the Dining mode

okay, the Dining mode is on.

When you need me,

Remember calling me

“Xiaoyo, Xiaoyo”

You say it and I understand it. 

Not only can voice control the sub-systems of Yodaar smart home,

But also can enter exclusive scenario modes.

Different living scenarios match different modes. One-step service gives you easier life.

Ceremony sense makes life better.